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Tsinjoriake Protected Area

Tsinjoriake, a beautiful site Madagascar travel , is a newly established protected area located at the entrance of Toliara Toliara and managed by the Regional Tourism Office. It has 4 circuits to admire the beauty of the natural scenery and animals. Firstly, by browsing the circuit of Table Mountain, tourists will have the opportunity to admire the magnificent scenery of the hinterland and the coastline in an overview 360. This tour takes place in 1:30 to 2:00, it also introduces you to a variety of medicinal plants in the heart of a thorny vegetation. The circuit of the cave and Binabe Sarodrano in turn is divided into 3 courses. 15 minutes are enough to discover the cave Sarodrano, and 45 minutes to the cave Binabe. These caves are sorted beliefs, the local guide provided by your Madagascar travel agency will be happy to explain them in more detail. The third route is the Moringa, which you will discover beautiful species Moringaceae and admire a beautiful view of the peninsula Sarodrano. The third circuit constituting the area of ​​Tsinjoriake to discover with a tower operator Madagascar peninsula Sarodrano.

For a journey of 3 hours minimum, it will allow you to discover a vast plantation of algae. Part of the trip is done by canoe. The scenery is guaranteed, tourists can enjoy visiting to enjoy the swim and picnic. Bay St. Augustine is the fourth and final circuit of the protected area. It is divided into two courses, one hour to discover the village and its mangrove, 1:30 to 2:00 for the circuit Bara Hill.

Half of a day

Leave the hotel with a kayak around 8 in the morning and arrive at the cave of Sarodrano an hour later. Swim in the cave then after, go to the island of Sarodrano and return to the hotel around 12 and 1 in the afternoon.

Snorkelling, half of a day

Leave the hotel in a kayak 8 in the morning and arrive at the coral reef. Then free snorkel. After, return to the hotel around 12 and 13 in the afternoon.

Bay of St Augustin, full day

Depart the hotel in a 4x4 8 in the morning and there will be a small stop at a forest of baobabs. Once arrived at St Augustin, explore the river in a kayak and then swim in the natural pool. Meal at St Augustin 9 (drinks are not inclusive). Around 2 in the afternoon, leave in a kayak for exploring. An opportunity to stop for photos, then cross the mangroves to discover its fauna and the lemur’s cave. Later on, return to the hotel.

Trekking and natural pool

Three hours walking, leave the hotel in a 4x4 8 in the morning. Begin the tour at the village of st Augustin, trek up a small hill with a lot of baobabs in sight and other plants endemic to area. Then arrive at a natural pool and simply relax in the water. After the natural pool, follow the river to St Augustin where a meal will be served. Afternoon: visit a local rum factory, it is a two hour tour. Starting from St augustin, the path leads you to sugarcane fields, and eventually arriving at the village where they make the local brew. The production process will be explained and there will also an opportunity to taste and buy the rum. Afterward, return to the hotel. Or A tour of two to three hours departing from the village, then going up a hill with the panorama of the bay of St Augustin and ascending gradually until saradano. where you will find a plantation of enormous cactuses. The return to the sea for a swim.

Full day journey

Depart from the hotel by a fast boat at 8 in the morning, arriving after an hour to the island. On the island, where one can swim and explore the flora. After a picnic (drinks not included).

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